Monday, 28 July 2014

Daisy Dreaming


I'm officially back from Europe! Had the best month ever travelling through the U.K, France, Italy, Spain and Greece, seeing so many amazing sites, eating delicious foods and making so many memories with my best friends. Despite my iphone camera breaking on the first day in London (yes, the worst timing everrr), I  bought a new camera with straight-to-iphone bluetooth, which ended up being a great investment- I would recommend it to anyone travelling! The end result was over 4000 photos, so I will be uploading them all to this blog over the next couple of months. These photos were taken on the daisy lawns outside Westminster Abbey on my first day in London. My model babe Diana (and USA travel buddy) was in London for work, so she took us around to all the best sites and helped us work out the tube, which is 1000 times easier than Sydney public transport. After seeing all the essentials (Big Ben, London Bridge etc), we finished off the day with some Carnaby Road shopping and got well acquainted with H&M!