Thursday, 26 December 2013

Desk Situation

Admittedly, being a uni student means I am forced to spend quite a bit of time at my desk. I like to try and keep it clean and tidy, whilst providing a enough visual stimulation to momentarily distract me from particulary boring essays and reports. This combined means it takes only a small assessment build up to transform my tidy workspace into clutter central. 

So this holidays, I decided to do a total overhaul of my study space to gear up for honours in 2014. That meant taking down my inspiration wall and removing the clutter to minimise distraction and maximise inspiration. I would show you the before pic, but my "inspiration wall" included a few too pictures of a couple years worth of "hot boys"- Sorry Zac, Taylor and Rob!

My favourite part of my new desk is defintely my clear perspex magazine rack. Currently showcasing some of my favourite covers, it will be easy and fuss-free to switch around whenever a new cover takes my fancy!

Bring on 2014!


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Floralheadband: Sportsgirl, Jumper: Topman

Merry Christmas everyone!
Here are a few snippets of how I spent my day. The rain here in Sydney gave me an excuse to breakout my brother's "winter Christmas jumper", which I am wearing with a few of my presents, including my new floral hairband and Karen Walker ring! We also made the cutest pink drinks, which of course needed glass jars and strippy straws to complete the look.

Now to digest the food overload and get some rest before tommorrows Boxing Day Sales!


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Minimalist Makeover

Keeping my room clean appears to be an eternal effort. The end of the year affords me the time and head space to give my room a big tidy up- finding spaces for all the "stuff" that somehow materilaises in my room, as well as giving my closest a thorough edit. This week I decided that my room needed a minimalist makeover- I took down my inspiration wall (sob), leaving pristine white walls behind. The finished product is almost ready, but in the meantime here are some small captures of the new vibe.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Summer Vibes

We are now well and truly into summer, and I could not be happier! I find the warm weather vibes constantly inspiring, bringing anything palm tree or pineapple printed into top rotation in my wadrobe!
Summer also brings free time, so enjoy some standouts from my tumblr perusing!


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

California Dreaming

Topshop top, Glassons Shorts, Mimco Bag

Apologies for my extended absence! Other things have gotten in the way recently, with the second half of 2013 being busy, busy, busy!

Jetting off the USA in the middle of semester was challenging, especially when over loading with 5 subjects. But between work, study and life, I have managed to officially complete my University degree! I have been celebrating with a bit too much shopping recently (oops), but then again, saving has never been a strength of mine. Case in point this little number above. I couldn't say no to this sportswear inspired California top (obvs), and the Glassons leather shorts were a steal at $50. And believe it or not the Mimco bag holds my bargain of the week- the cutest 'E' sparkly pink Christmas decoration!

Hope your enjoying the beginning of Summer!