Sunday, 28 July 2013

Surry Hills

|Dallos and Carlos beanie, Bassike singlet, Cheap Monday Denim Jacket, Cassette Society shorts, Jeffery Campbell boots|

Today was the last day of semester break before uni returns, so to end the holidays on a high note, I visited my favourite cafe, Kawa in Surry Hills. You simply cannot go past their vegan breakfast- add a Little Marionette coffee and it is pretty much the perfect way to spend a Sunday! 

After our cute late lunch, we had to stop by the new Pressed Juices store on Crown St. The tiny store sells totally clean juices and milks that look incredibly pretty and are full of antioxidants. So yummy too- try the Chocolate Almond Milk next time you pass by!

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Style Rookie

It is a well known fact about me that I buy endless amounts of magazines- they are most definitely my guilty pleasure of choice. I try hard,  and usually unsuccesfully, to limit my purchases but when a cover jumps out at me I have no choice but to make a sneaky purchase- Tavi Gevinson on Yen being a perfect example. 

I started reading The Style Rookie, back when Tavi was known as 'The Girl with the Massive Pink Bow" who stole the front row of New York Fashion Week. However, it was her launch of Rookie that really caught my attention- it is the one site (aside from facebook and tumblr, bien sûr), that I visit daily. I love Rookie's focus on enjoying youth, and taking inspiration from everywhere. How could one not love a website that includes reviews on American cereals (Lucky Charms!), to a complete guide on movies by the Olsen Twins, to teen angst photo shoots?!
So of course I had to purchase issue 64 of Yen.

And I thouroughly enjoyed chilling by the pool reading it with fresh flowers and the warmth of lovely winter sun. 

Sunday, 21 July 2013


Being the American culture obsessed, varsity lover that I am, I am immediately attracted to anything College inspired. After receiving a taste of College life competing at the Eastern University Games (Go Sydney Uni!), this love remains intact, influencing my wardrobe on a daily basis.
So despite already owning a Wildfox jumper blazoned with '1991', I could not resist this green Glassons tee- it is the year of my birth after all! 
Pairing the tee with a quilted leather skirt is the perfect way to dress it up for a beautiful winters day!

|Glassons tee, Glassons Skirt, Jeffery Campbell boots, Elle bag|

Armchair Collective

One of my favourite things to do is to visit cafes- check out my instagram to find out just how much!
Last weekend I went to one of my favourite spots, Armchair Collective in Mona Vale. The cute beachside chairs and flowers make it a perfect spot to take in the sea breeze. And please try one of the smoothies (or the chocolate milkshake for those with a sweet tooth!)- they really are amazing- and photogenic!  

Bondi and bagels

I bought this Topshop top a while ago, but it has been sitting in my cupboard with the tags on for ages (I'm not the only one with multiple unworn items, right?!).
Finally though, I decided to wear it as a dress paired with my much worn army jacket and tights.

I had a lovely Sunday wearing it, first up for bagels at the new deli/diner Lox Stock & Barrel followed drinks at one of my favourite spots, The Bucket List.
A great way to round out the weekend!

|Top: Topshop, boots: Jeffery Campbells, bag: Kirrily Johnston|