Friday, 26 July 2013

Style Rookie

It is a well known fact about me that I buy endless amounts of magazines- they are most definitely my guilty pleasure of choice. I try hard,  and usually unsuccesfully, to limit my purchases but when a cover jumps out at me I have no choice but to make a sneaky purchase- Tavi Gevinson on Yen being a perfect example. 

I started reading The Style Rookie, back when Tavi was known as 'The Girl with the Massive Pink Bow" who stole the front row of New York Fashion Week. However, it was her launch of Rookie that really caught my attention- it is the one site (aside from facebook and tumblr, bien sûr), that I visit daily. I love Rookie's focus on enjoying youth, and taking inspiration from everywhere. How could one not love a website that includes reviews on American cereals (Lucky Charms!), to a complete guide on movies by the Olsen Twins, to teen angst photo shoots?!
So of course I had to purchase issue 64 of Yen.

And I thouroughly enjoyed chilling by the pool reading it with fresh flowers and the warmth of lovely winter sun. 

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  1. I love reading your writing! you are so interesting and engaging and these photos are fab!