Sunday, 29 March 2015

↠ Autumn Vibes ↠

After a week where I spent pretty much my entire pay check on food (I wish I was joking), my aim for the new week is saving and productivity. Instead of just re-writing a new to do list (anyone else guilty of this?!) it's all about actually ticking stuff off and getting stuff done before the long weekend.

Instead my Monday morning went a little like this...early alarm, (which I proceeded to ignore to finish reading Lena Dunham's Not That Kinda Girl), followed by making tea and eating peanut butter oats in front of my laptop. Instead of actually being productive though, after replying to emails I kinda fell into a little tumblr/instagram/facebook cycle and emerged only for coffee and to pick an outfit on my way out to brunch. 

So, my Monday morning was less productive than anticipated, but at least I managed some outfit pics post-avo-on-toast. Wearing my brand new Tobi coat made the cold, stormy start to the week pretty lovely. It's the perfect weight to throw over shorts and a tee in Autumn, but roomy enough for layering as winter approaches. 

Happy Monday!


|Tobi Leave It All To Me sweater. Similar available here. Tobi have so many cute coats at the moment if you are looking to stock up your winter wardrobe |

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


These tights are pretty amazing - the mesh panels effectively take an "I can't be bothered choosing an outfit, so I'm wearing gym clothes" to "These tights are so cool, I couldn't not wear gym clothes". Check out the rest of the Onzie range, including comfy, strappy crop tops that peek out under tanks, perfect for yoga and barre.

↠ March Musings ↠

The month is flying by (as in, it's Good Friday next week)! I have heaps of photoshoots sitting on my laptop waiting to be edited, so until I find the time to post them up, here is a little update into what's inspiring me and what I'm reading online. 

Elle distinguishes between 'old' and 'young' millennials here.
This treadmill workout guide.
The new 'Brat Pack' according to Vogue.
The thought process of ordering lunch by Man Repeller (because I'm always hungry).
A cheat sheet to being more assertive.
17 things twenty-somethings need to chill about. 

Check out my Pinterest and Tumblr for more of my latest inspo finds.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

↠ Study Time Part 3 ↠

My current desk set up looks exactly like this: all my folders out, coloured pens everywhere and sipping on an acai berry smoothie for an afternoon snack. Starting to tick some boxes off my to-do list involves replying to a stack of emails and making sure I'm organised for uni and work. This is my number one 'get organised' tip - put all due dates in your diary or phone right now! I learnt the hard way after losing a whole 10% (thanks USYD Business School) for handing in an assignment one day late. To make matters worse, it was finished, but I thought I could read over it once more. After that incident, I always make sure I not only put the date in my diary, but double check that I've got correct day and date.

Happy Monday!

From left to right: Apple MacBook, Pencil Case, Highlighters, Erasable Pens, Coloured Pens, White Pen, Folders, Ruler, Shipping Tags, Adobe Lightroom.  All available from Officeworks. Follow them on Instagram for more desk inspo ideas and hashtag your stationery purchases #GetSetGoFurther so I can check them out! 

↠ Laced in Love ↠

I'm forever on the hunt for wardrobe staples - items that are classic enough to be worn over and over, yet are quirky enough to showcase your personal style. 

In my own imaginary fashion dictionary, an item can only become a wardrobe staple if it fits three main criteria:

1. Always looks good (Even on those "I have nothing to wear!" days) 
2. Can be mixed and matched with pretty much anything in your wardrobe
3. Can be counted on for those times when you have approximately five minutes to get ready. 

A new addition that answers yes to all three is this versatile lace jumpsuit from Tobi. Fitted, yet comfortable, it can be dressed up with a simple necklace, your favourite bag and boots when heading out to lunch; or paired with chunky heels and a statement clutch for a night out. At the same time, it could just as easily be teamed with a denim jacket or plaid shirt tied around the waist. Basically, this jumpsuit has all the right components to become my new go-to throw on for when I'm still deciding what to wear and that dreaded text is received: "I'll be there in five".

Check out all the other cute jumpsuits from Tobi here.

↠ Future ↠

My photo diary from Future Music Festival.... for me, festivals are an excuse to pile on all your favourite things and mix them together. Cliche or not, it's all about expressing your style at it's most playful. I paired my all time favourite One Teaspoon Tie Dye denim shorts with my UCLA crop and piled on the accessories: a flower headband, a gypsy cuff, flash tattoos, my Nakedvice leather backpack and an ankle cuff on my well worn Frye boots. 

Such a fun way to celebrate the end of a great summer, with top music and my besties.

Friday, 6 March 2015

↠ Wildfox Dreams↠

One element of the advance of the internet is the very abundance of images and the associated overload of visual goodness. It's so easy to become lost in endless scrolling on Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr, to the point where hours can disappear into an online abyss. Whilst I love the constant accessibility of such beautiful and inspiring imagery, it has in some respects, reduced some of the associated appreciation. There is just so much content, it sometimes all becomes one endless blur. 

As a result, for something to stand out (whether that be a editorial shoot, a piece of writing, or a single image), it has to really stand out. It has to catch your eye and maintain that gaze until you have consumed it, in the same way one devours a good book, or a particularly well made issue of your favourite glossy.

This Wildfox editorial did just that, to the point of keeping me up to 1:30am on a school night (whoops!). There were so many gorgeous images in this shoot - scroll through and you'll see just how many images of Montana Cox have been perfectly styled, creating that enticing story that all successful fashion shoots require. Mix some tulle, a misplaced crown, a grungy feel and a hint of Americana and I am sold - a perfect look book Wildfox!


Monday, 2 March 2015

↠ Study Time Part 2↠

It's officially Monday of Week One here at Sydney Uni and I'm all prepped for a busy semester ahead! One of my major goals this year is to get more work done at home and manage my days off more effectively. As my to-do list stacks up, so too do my productivity intentions. Bringing my laptop to a cafe or the kitchen table may mean easy access to food, but it also way equals too many distractions. To encourage myself to work more efficiently in my room, I have given my desk a mini revamp. Having a dedicated space filled with all the supplies I may need means there are no excuses to get up and have a "break" - my biggest procrastination culprit!

My recent Officeworks stationery run has resulted in a space that is not only well stocked  but also cute and inspiring. Being able to choose between multiple highlighter colours, fresh notebooks and pretty folders cannot be underestimated. I'm especially loving my clear acrylic drawer set - it looks amazing, plus it encourages me to keep all my endless pages in order.

Enjoy your first week back!

From left to right: clear acrylic drawer, notebooks, Derwent art diary, Rhodia notebook, coloured pens, patterned manila folders, erasable pen, clipboard, ruler, highlightersscissors. All available from Officeworks. Follow them on Instagram for more desk inspo ideas and hashtag your stationery purchases #GetSetGoFurther so I can check them out!