Friday, 6 March 2015

↠ Wildfox Dreams↠

One element of the advance of the internet is the very abundance of images and the associated overload of visual goodness. It's so easy to become lost in endless scrolling on Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr, to the point where hours can disappear into an online abyss. Whilst I love the constant accessibility of such beautiful and inspiring imagery, it has in some respects, reduced some of the associated appreciation. There is just so much content, it sometimes all becomes one endless blur. 

As a result, for something to stand out (whether that be a editorial shoot, a piece of writing, or a single image), it has to really stand out. It has to catch your eye and maintain that gaze until you have consumed it, in the same way one devours a good book, or a particularly well made issue of your favourite glossy.

This Wildfox editorial did just that, to the point of keeping me up to 1:30am on a school night (whoops!). There were so many gorgeous images in this shoot - scroll through and you'll see just how many images of Montana Cox have been perfectly styled, creating that enticing story that all successful fashion shoots require. Mix some tulle, a misplaced crown, a grungy feel and a hint of Americana and I am sold - a perfect look book Wildfox!


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