Monday, 2 March 2015

↠ Study Time Part 2↠

It's officially Monday of Week One here at Sydney Uni and I'm all prepped for a busy semester ahead! One of my major goals this year is to get more work done at home and manage my days off more effectively. As my to-do list stacks up, so too do my productivity intentions. Bringing my laptop to a cafe or the kitchen table may mean easy access to food, but it also way equals too many distractions. To encourage myself to work more efficiently in my room, I have given my desk a mini revamp. Having a dedicated space filled with all the supplies I may need means there are no excuses to get up and have a "break" - my biggest procrastination culprit!

My recent Officeworks stationery run has resulted in a space that is not only well stocked  but also cute and inspiring. Being able to choose between multiple highlighter colours, fresh notebooks and pretty folders cannot be underestimated. I'm especially loving my clear acrylic drawer set - it looks amazing, plus it encourages me to keep all my endless pages in order.

Enjoy your first week back!

From left to right: clear acrylic drawer, notebooks, Derwent art diary, Rhodia notebook, coloured pens, patterned manila folders, erasable pen, clipboard, ruler, highlightersscissors. All available from Officeworks. Follow them on Instagram for more desk inspo ideas and hashtag your stationery purchases #GetSetGoFurther so I can check them out! 


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