Sunday, 22 February 2015

↠ Study Time ↠

How fast has summer flown by this year? It feels like a couple of weeks, not months, since December 1st rolled around and I was basking in the sun rays, looking forward to months of salty bliss. Fast forward to today and summer is almost over with plenty of desk time looming. It's not all end-of-summer angst though - there is something reoccuringly rejuvenating about a fresh start. All crisp white pages and shiny new pens, I have forever been one to bask in the start of a new term or semester. So I immediately said yes to a challenge set by Officeworks to show off my back-to-uni favourites for the new semester - I'll be sharing some of my best get-organised tips (learnt from plenty of uni experience!) over the next week. Here is my first lot of favourites that I am excited to start using; for me, upping productivity always starts with fresh and fun stationery.

Share your own back-to-uni stationery prep with the #GetSetGoFurther hashtag on instagram.

From left to right, all available for Officeworks:


  1. I love your blog..and your pictures are always the prettiest! :)

  2. so good, love new stationery! M x