Sunday, 8 February 2015

Route 77

A bit of rock and roll inspiration never goes astray, especially when it comes from the King.

This Chip Chop dress is a direct reference to the idol of my grandparents youth and is definitely infused with some of that rock attitude. Shaped as an oversized tank dress, I tied it on the side and decided to team it with my favourite worn-out Jeffrey Campbell boots and my floppy hat, to channel some easy going summer vibes. It's the kinda dress that is equally perfect for a day at the beach and a chill sesh with friends.

On another note, this shoot also inspired me to bring back out my guitar. It's been a few months, but when your fingers touch the strings, you instantly remember why you love playing. I originally taught myself before eventually getting lessons, and I used to play often, but it's one thing I've let fall by the wayside of late. Practising requires time (ugh how I wish there were more hours in a day) and a certain level of concentration, but it doubles as a really great way to relax and chill. Plus, finally getting a tough sequence of chords is incredibly rewarding - I definitely need to get back into regular practise!


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  1. Beautiful pictures and your tan is so so gorgeous! Love this post :)