Sunday, 22 February 2015

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My latest Bonds Post is up on there blog now- check out the full post here!

Pop’s of neon, some grey marle and the comfiest of shorts – this is definitely my current exercise outfit of choice.
As my overflowing wardrobe would attest, I currently own way too many gym clothes, but there is a valid reason (in my opinion anyway!). Having a great selection of work out gear is potentially the best motivator for maintaining an active lifestyle.
Of course, there are days where leaving the comfy confines of my bed to break a sweat is the very last thing I feel like doing. However my top tip for garnering the motivation to throw back the covers (alongside coffee of course) is to have a brand new outfit to throw on before getting into that morning jog.
This crop has a tie-dye print, mesh and is pink, so it’s clearly a winner. Alongside a fitted grey tank, to ensure no loose fabric gets in the way of your workout, and the perfect fit black Bonds shorts, this is my go-to outfit for all my usual exercises – running, dancing, backyard workouts, and sometimes, just a walk to get that much needed coffee.

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