Sunday, 8 March 2015

↠ Laced in Love ↠

I'm forever on the hunt for wardrobe staples - items that are classic enough to be worn over and over, yet are quirky enough to showcase your personal style. 

In my own imaginary fashion dictionary, an item can only become a wardrobe staple if it fits three main criteria:

1. Always looks good (Even on those "I have nothing to wear!" days) 
2. Can be mixed and matched with pretty much anything in your wardrobe
3. Can be counted on for those times when you have approximately five minutes to get ready. 

A new addition that answers yes to all three is this versatile lace jumpsuit from Tobi. Fitted, yet comfortable, it can be dressed up with a simple necklace, your favourite bag and boots when heading out to lunch; or paired with chunky heels and a statement clutch for a night out. At the same time, it could just as easily be teamed with a denim jacket or plaid shirt tied around the waist. Basically, this jumpsuit has all the right components to become my new go-to throw on for when I'm still deciding what to wear and that dreaded text is received: "I'll be there in five".

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1 comment:

  1. amazing tips! need to remeber them for when I go shopping
    and beautiful outfit as well :)