Sunday, 29 March 2015

↠ Autumn Vibes ↠

After a week where I spent pretty much my entire pay check on food (I wish I was joking), my aim for the new week is saving and productivity. Instead of just re-writing a new to do list (anyone else guilty of this?!) it's all about actually ticking stuff off and getting stuff done before the long weekend.

Instead my Monday morning went a little like this...early alarm, (which I proceeded to ignore to finish reading Lena Dunham's Not That Kinda Girl), followed by making tea and eating peanut butter oats in front of my laptop. Instead of actually being productive though, after replying to emails I kinda fell into a little tumblr/instagram/facebook cycle and emerged only for coffee and to pick an outfit on my way out to brunch. 

So, my Monday morning was less productive than anticipated, but at least I managed some outfit pics post-avo-on-toast. Wearing my brand new Tobi coat made the cold, stormy start to the week pretty lovely. It's the perfect weight to throw over shorts and a tee in Autumn, but roomy enough for layering as winter approaches. 

Happy Monday!


|Tobi Leave It All To Me sweater. Similar available here. Tobi have so many cute coats at the moment if you are looking to stock up your winter wardrobe |

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