Thursday, 26 December 2013

Desk Situation

Admittedly, being a uni student means I am forced to spend quite a bit of time at my desk. I like to try and keep it clean and tidy, whilst providing a enough visual stimulation to momentarily distract me from particulary boring essays and reports. This combined means it takes only a small assessment build up to transform my tidy workspace into clutter central. 

So this holidays, I decided to do a total overhaul of my study space to gear up for honours in 2014. That meant taking down my inspiration wall and removing the clutter to minimise distraction and maximise inspiration. I would show you the before pic, but my "inspiration wall" included a few too pictures of a couple years worth of "hot boys"- Sorry Zac, Taylor and Rob!

My favourite part of my new desk is defintely my clear perspex magazine rack. Currently showcasing some of my favourite covers, it will be easy and fuss-free to switch around whenever a new cover takes my fancy!

Bring on 2014!



  1. I absolutely love this! You have inspired me to clean up my desk! xx

  2. Your desk is so cute! You've inspired me to make my desk at uni a little bit prettier :)