Thursday, 9 January 2014

How to have a Perfect Summer Day

Summer often seems languidly long and never ending- until you look back and notice you have been enjoying your hols so much that there are only a few weeks left! Here is how I like to spend these perfect summer days:

1. Have breakfast at your favourite cafe. Preferably choose something pretty and insta-worthy. Don't forget your coffee!

2. Explore a new beach. Sydney has plenty of hidden pleasures, many of them harbour gems, so jump in the car, turn up the music and find a new favourite.

3. Lay out our towel and alternate between swimming and drying off. Bring friends for gossip or books and mags for solo trips- but whatever you do don't forget your favourite sunnies!

4. Indulge in hot chips, guilt free. I dare you.

5. Return home and record your daily adventures in your journal. This cute Kikki-K 'Sentence a Day' diary is perfect.


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