Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bonds Flagship Bondi Store Opening

I am one of those people who loves staying up late- which doesn't always sit well when I'm also forced to wake up early (obvs). It's those days when I admit, I usually end up wearing my go-to stripes. Hence, my current room situation, where my chair literally had a whole pile of stripes. My addiction is no joke. 
Even the new friends I made in Europe commented on my love of stripes- but they were necessary in Paris and for channelling gondoliers in Venice... Basically stripes can always be justified.

My fave stripy piece at the moment is definitely my Bonds Bestie tee. On the topic of Bonds (I am one of their style ambassadors - have you read my interview here?), you can pick up plenty of great basics at the grand opening of the Bonds Flagship Store at Bondi on Wednesday 17 October!  See you there!

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