Monday, 14 September 2015


I love updating my beauty routine regularly. It could perhaps be attributed to the increasingly gorgeous packaging of a number of products - especially those minimalistic ones with pops of colour. They are also full of promise, to make skin smooth and fresh, or to rid hair of frizz - it's too easy to continually restock my bathroom drawer!

My latest 3 products I am currently testing are from (which has a huge range of brands!) and are by Dermalogica and evo.

First up, I now officially understand the need for pre-cleansing. It is worth the extra step in my daily routine, especially since most of my day products contain SPF, which is harder to remove from the skin. The Dermalogica version (buy it here), actually feels as if it removes all lingering products from my skin, allowing my cleanser to work so much better. If there is one product you are considering, I would 100% recommend adding this pre-cleanser to your routine.

A second Dermalogica product I am liking is their general cream exfoliant (available here), which I have been using three times a week to help fade stubborn post-pimple marks, which is my perennial skin problem.

Finally, I admit I tried this evo straightening balm mainly for the packaging - all white and pink perfection! Lucky it's doing its job, giving me the excuse needed to try out more of their products. I have been using this particular product in my hair before straightening, both as a heat protectant (so important!) and also to help minimise fly aways. 

Overall, if you are looking for a beauty update, I would definitely add these to your daily routine.


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