Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Favourite Things

This week's round up of my favourite things consists of some sneaky purchases, magazines and of course coffee.

1. My new plaid shirt! I love plaid, but am incredibly picky- it has to be just the right mesh of colours, and the perfect fabric. This new one fits all my necessary criteria. I have tried in vain to not wear it every day since it made its way into my wardrobe, but neglected to  succeed in this endeavour- thankfully it is extremely versatile, so no need to shout "OUTFIT REPEATER" (in the words of Lizzie McGuire). Tied around the waist or actually on as a shirt (as in, how it's supposed to be worn)- omg, it's just perfect in every way.

2. Another purchase... yes I am officially on the Birkenstock bandwagon. Just call me an trend follower already. I justified this purchase by again looking at it's versatility... as in, the shoes are both comfy and fashion-y and, well I just wanted them okay?

3. The days are getting busier- working, plus my honours uni stuff starting before March (shock horror) means that my life is once again becoming a balancing act. So it's important to make time for a 15 minute mag sesh every so often. On another note, how pretty is the March Teen Vogue Cover staring Lea Michele? The editorial is amazing, set in LA fields with amazing soft lighting.

4. Country Road's new season collection. My favourite, is the CR Tote. It has the most perfect proportions that I have allocated it the important task of carrying Uni books this year. Plus I couldn't afford it's Acne older sister, so this purchase is sufficiently justified.

5. The Grounds Coffee popping up in places other than the Grounds. For days when I can't be bothered waiting in line at Alexandria, aka, every weekend. Try Pitt St Mall (opposite the news agency), and Balmoral Beach Kiosk.