Saturday, 8 March 2014

White Out

I have been lusting over these New Balances since last year, so I finally decided to just buy them  already! I am, of course, very pleased with this purchase and have been wearing them as much as I possibly can ever since they arrived in the mail. I took this pics after a quick coffee break earlier this week- our erratic Sydney weather has meant that long sleeves and plaid shirts have become my uniform of choice. 

In other news, being me, I accidentally ordered the wrong size in my New Balances the first time around (the perils of buying shoes on the internet!). So I currently have a brand new in box size UK 8/US 8.5 pair like the one above, sitting in my room. If anyone is interested in buying them off me, send me an email at

Hope everyone is making the most of the early autumn sunshine!

| Agent 99 tee, H&M shorts, Ally shirt, New Balance shoes |


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